This site is no longer maintained and will eventually have the articles rehosted. In the meantime, please visit my current portfolio, Benjamin Fox Studios.

AS3 vector Kaleidoscope test

Just a proof of concept at the minute (refresh the page to reload the kaleidoscope), but I'm going to work on porting it to a usable app this weekend.

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Pendulum Wave

HYPE Framework Pendulum Wave behavior class | download (v0.1)

A modification on the Oscillator class in Hype. I saw these two videos of pendulums that run on different suspension lengths and wanted to recreate that effect programmatically.

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Magnetic Field layouts for the Hype Framework

HYPE Framework Magnetic Field layout class | download (v0.1)

I've been reading through Daniel Shiffman's Nature of Code samples for Processing, and one that really stood out to me was his Flow Fields. I liked the idea of objects following a predetermined path that appears to be random but has principles in a mathematic rule set. Add to this after seeing Robert Hodgin's session at Flash on the Beach last year, I was interested to learn the math behind Magnets.

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Magnetic field layout tests

Example showing the direction of the force in the field.

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Extract a color table from a gif with PHP

In early 2006 I wrote a bit of PHP code that extracted a color table from a gif. I've rewritten it here in a neat little class with example usage. At present it just converts it to HTML hex colors, but I'm going to add RGB extraction. Using the output in a flash file just requires changing the # to 0x. Try the demo to see it working.

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