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AS3 vector Kaleidoscope test

Just a proof of concept at the minute (refresh the page to reload the kaleidoscope), but I'm going to work on porting it to a usable app this weekend.

A slice is initially built in code (using Hype's object pool to chuck the elements in randomly), then duplicated and added to the stage 8 times with a triangle mask placed on it. Different X and Y scales of -1 and rotations of 90 degree increments get the pieces into place. Colors can be maintained using a Hype Color Pool extension I've written.

I think there's likely to be a limitation to the way I'm duplicating the objects in the initial slice container, in that they have to be MovieClips you've drawn and added to the library, being marked as "export for ActionScript". Which is fine as I'm unlikely to add anything else into the container slice other than artwork I make as MovieClips. But it probably wont be able to duplicate any graphics or drawing API things you've added through code.

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